• Federation News Service: Your subspace relay for galactic events.
  • See Toraz Asteroid Event wipe out a mining station.
  • the Federation Civil War: Four Years Later. See our interactive LCARS module at Memory Alpha.
  • USS Paige and USS Mariposa attacked by Romulan warbirds in the Galdos Cluster.
  • President Kivas orders tougher crackdowns on True Way insurgents.
  • Detapa Council denounces the attack on Kelva III
  • Bolian ex-diplomat: 'It seems as though a hit was ordered'.
  • Varan Orwynn of Cestus III considering challenging President Kivas for next Council elections.
  • Ferengi latinum chief to skip economic conference on Delta.
  • Thallonian migrant caravan sighted near Bersalis.

Lead by example - Morally. Mentally. Physically.

Always take care of your own.

Never quit.

Excel in combat. Train as we fight, fight as we train.

Respect each other.

These are what it means to be a Lancer.